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Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk
Name Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk
Gender Male
Country Austria
Occupation President of the Hanso Foundation
Appears In The Lost Experience
Played By Robert Greygrass

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As President and Chief Technologist of The Hanso Foundation, Dr. Werner Mittelwerk humbly serves as Alvar Hanso's right hand and chief adviser.

Born in Austria, Mittelwerk's early years instilled a work ethic that has helped fuel The Hanso Foundation's engine of progress for over twenty years. Losing his mother to a rare genetic disorder at a young age, Mittelwerk dedicated himself to become the world's foremost authority on biology and genetics. At eighteen, still pursuing a degree in molecular biology at Caltech, Alvar Hanso personally drafted him to join The Hanso Foundation.

In his role as President of The Hanso Foundation, Mittelwerk's leaderhip has ensured prodigious contributions to numerous scientific disciplines, all in the name of insuring a better future for the whole of humanity.

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