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Dr. Roderick Johnson
Name Dr. Roderick Johnson
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Clinical Director for the
Centers for Disease Control
Mentioned In The Lost Experience

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Dr. Roderick Johnson is the Clinical Director for the Centers for Disease Control.

Jacques Maillot, Director General of the Global Welfare Consortium, had sent a letter to Dr. Roderick Johnson, about the alarming issue concerning research operations by the Hanso Foundation in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Maillot requested that the CDC conduct a formal investigation into the matter. Maillot discovered that a a new strain of meningococcal disease had been reported in the coastal villages of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Peter Thompson, the Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of The Hanso Foundation; soon became the successor to Maillot, replacing him as the Director-General of the Global Welfare Consortium. Thompson issued an apology letter to Johnson and the CDC claiming that since Maillot's letter was sent, GWC inspection teams had surveyed the Hanso stations. Thompson makes a request for a withdrawal of Maillot's request for an intervention into the affairs of The Hanso Foundation. (Persephone Hacks - May 3rd)