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Dina's Coffee Shop
Name Dina's Coffee Shop
Country Los Angeles, California
Introduced In Live Together, Die Alone
Type Coffee Shop

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Dina's Coffee Shop was the coffee shop where Desmond and Libby met.

Desmond and LibbyEdit

After just arriving in the United States, Desmond entered a coffee shop and ordered whatever had the most caffeine in it. after realizing he did not have any American currency on him, Libby provided him with the $4 to pay for it. When Desmond asked if she had $42,000 more, she inquired as to what it was for. He attempted to cover it up as a joke, but she knew he was serious. Desmond explained that he was going to win Charles Widmore's solo sailing race around the world, as he had prevented Desmond from seeing his daughter, Penelope. When Desmond explained that he didn't have a boat yet, Libby offered him her late husband's boat which he had planned to sail to the Mediterranean in, but was unable to after he passed away. Libby said that David would have wanted him to have it. Desmond stated that he would win that race, for love.


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