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DHARMA Initiative Salad Dressing Ranch Composite
Dharma Ranch Composite
Name DHARMA Initiative Salad Dressing Ranch Composite
Introduced In Everybody Hates Hugo
Last Seen In Dave
Owned By The DHARMA Initiative
Found By Hurley

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In one of the threads that weaves through multiple episodes, the DHARMA Initiative Salad Dressing Ranch Composite keeps making "appearances":

  • Everybody Hates Hugo - When Hurley and Rose are first inventorying the food and other stores found in the bunker under the hatch, Hurley reads from a label and comments, "DHARMA Initiative Salad Dressing Ranch Composite, sounds tasty" and moves on to find Apollo chocolate candy bars.
  • The 23rd Psalm - While teaching Michael how to shoot a gun, Locke uses a jar of the ranch dressing for target practice. The jar of ranch dressing is also incorrectly labeled "Dharama Initiative Salad Dressing Ranch Composite".
  • One of Them - Sawyer discovers that Hurley kept a jar of the dressing and uses it to pressure him into helping search for an annoyingly loud tree frog. Hurley also reveals that the dressing will keep at room temperature for up to 7 years.
  • Dave - When Libby convinces Hurley to destroy his stash of food, she hands him a jar of DHARMA Initiative Salad Dressing Ranch Composite as the first thing to get rid of.

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