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Desmond's Letters
Name Desmond's Letters
Introduced In Live Together, Die Alone
Owned By Desmond Hume
Found By Charles Widmore

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After Desmond was released from his imprisonment and then dishonourably discharged from the Royal Scots Regiment, he was met by Charles Widmore outside the Southway Garrison. Desmond entered his car and was told that he had two present for him, one containing his past, the other his future. Desmond opened the first box only to find all the letters that he had written to Penny during his imprisonment. The other box he opened contain a large sum of money for "his new life".

When Penny arrived in Los Angeles and confronted Desmond, she inquired as to why he didn't write her while he was in prison. Desmond changed the subject to her upcoming marriage, and did not reveal that it was her father who had prevented the letters from getting to her.

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