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This article is about a scenes that were omitted from the show for various reasons which is considered Non-Canon in the world
of LOST, and is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

Several scenes of LOST were omitted for various reasons, and were included as bonus features on the Complete Season DVDs. These articles will give you more information on these scenes.

Deleted ScenesEdit

Season OneEdit

Scene 1 - Smoking

After the crash, Sawyer and Charlie discuss whether or not Sawyer's smoking near the wreckage is a good idea. Charlie is also given a cigarette by Sawyer.

Scene 2 - Chicken or Lasagna

While handing out food from the plane to the survivors, Hurley offers Locke a dish of either chicken or lasagna, but is given no response. Hurley attempts to make conversation by pointing out that they both have plaid shirts on.

Scene 3 - Kate & Sayid

Sayid speaks with Kate about his concerns over Charlie telling the survivors about what they encountered in the jungle. Kate then informs Sayid that the rescue crews are looking in the wrong place.

Scene 4 - The Climb

While trekking through the island to attempt to use the transceiver, Charlie attempts to subtly introduce himself to Shannon as a member of the band Drive Shaft, however, it backfires as she is not a fan whatsoever.

Scene 5 - Finding the Tell

Locke walks with Lloyd and discusses with him the subtle are of finding someones "tell" in a poker game. As he points out the various survivors, he gestures to Kate and states that there are somepeople you just can’t read at all.

Scene 6 - Partners (Extended Scene)

Boone and Shannon discuss Jin's mentality and how Sun just stands idly by him. Shannon interjects and states that Sun is with Jin for the same reason she is with Boone, because she has to be.

Scene 7 - The Huddle

Sawyer discusses the huddle of Jack, Sayid and Locke with Kate saying that they're going to decide the fate of the survivors, and compares their discussions to C-SPAN.

Scene 8 - Claire’s Doctor Visit

Jack and Claire discuss her current situations and health. Jack inquires if any memories had returned yet, and tells her to give the other survivors time to deal with the situation as they are just confused.

Scene 9 - A Deal’s, A Deal

Kate and Sawyer argue over the true meaning of "carte blanche" pertaining to their agreement. Sawyer thinking it was mainly for toiletries, however, Kate feels it extended to the gun he was carrying as well.

Scene 10 - Captive

Sawyer captures and ties Jin up and brings him back to the camp. Sawyer reveals that he found him knowing Jin would get thirsty sooner or later and would have needed to find water.

Scene 11 - Secrets

Jack and Kate discuss the recent reveal of Sun being able to speak English and how Jin was not even aware of it, comparing it to a soap opera. Jack then eludes to his belief that Locke burnt the raft.

Scene 12 - The Jack Situation

Michael and Hugo confront Sayid about why he attacked Locke, and that it might not be safe since he has the key to the gun case. Sayid's advise to them is that if they think something needs to be done, do it.

Scene 13 - Whispers

Charlie and Claire discuss Danielle and how Charlie believes that she is insane. Charlie mentions that the whispers that she heard bear no relevance at all.

Season TwoEdit

Scene 1 - Seeing Walt

Sun attempts to gather information about Shannon's supposed vision of Walt Lloyd. Shannon explains that she didn't see him, and that it was only brought on by her current stress.

Scene 2 - A Little You Time

After seeing Locke napping on the beach, Charlie and Claire discuss the current situation, and how no one can be found. Claire then points Hurley out to Charlie, and he heads off to confront him.

Scene 3 - Sawyer's Visitor

Libby confronts Sawyer who is trapped in Ana's makeshift cage to inquire as to whether or not he was really on Flight 815. She hands him some water and heads back to the group.

Scene 4 - Dinner Time

The scene depicts Ana-Lucia distributing food to the tailies, and to Michael and Jin, and finally to a sheepish Sawyer.

Scene 5 - Special Delivery

The Tailies discover a mysterious crate which has washed up on shore, and Emma and Zack hope that the contents inside are food, however, they are actually boomerangs.

Scene 6 - Ana Lucia's Prisoner

Libby visits Sayid who has been tied up by Ana-Lucia and is asked to untie him. Libby explains that deep down Ana is a good person, however, Sayid challenges that by pointing out that Libby is afraid to untie him.

Scene 7 - Libby & Claire

Libby and Claire sit on the beach with Aaron and Libby compliments Claire on how beautiful he is. Libby points out that Claire is wearing her shirt, and invites her to keep it stating it looks better on her.

Scene 8 - Connected

Michael approached Locke inside the hatch, and inquires as to whether or not the computers are connected to any other stations. Locke states that the station probably predates the internet, and reminds Michael that the computer cannot be used for anything else other than entering the code.

Scene 9 - I Need to Know

Claire approaches Sayid on the beach to inquire as to whether or not Charlie knew that the drugs were inside of the Virgin Mary Statues. Sayid questions her inquiry, and she explains that she needs to know because he has been looking after her baby.

Scene 10 - The Doctor's Solution

Ana speaks with Eko about Jack's plan to after the Others, however, Eko disagrees with this plan stating that for the most part the Fuselage survivors have been left alone, and that perhaps they are safe there.

Scene 11 - What's Your Story?

Libby and Hurley do laundry inside the hatch and discuss their past lives. Libby reveals that she was a shrink dealing with marriage and family counseling, and Hurley reveals that he is a lottery winner, and is shocked that she believes him.

Scene 12 - Weakness

Sayid questions Jack's plan to get Walt back, and states that Henry should not be released as doing so will leave him with information on their weakness that they cannot agree on anything.

Scene 13 - Are You All Right?

Sun confronts Rose and inquires as to whether she was okay after what happened with Bernard on the beach. Sun inquires if Rose has any children, and she states that she did have a daughter, however, she passed away.

Scene 14 - I Miss...

While running down the beach Libby and Hurley discuss things that they miss from back home. Hurley informs her that there is a record player in the hatch after she states that she misses the perfect song, and she reminds him that there is a prisoner down there as well.

The Lost FlashbacksEdit

At the Airport: Claire

Claire speaks with Seth Norris, the pilot of Flight 815, about her visit with a psychic, and the Pilot informs her that his mother visited a tarot reader, and he informs her of the pitfalls of that particular reading.

At the Airport: Sayid

Sayid visits a store inside the airport looking for a tie to purchase, when he is confronted by airport security for leaving his bag unattended in the terminal, and is escorted away.

The Wake

Shannon and Sabrina discuss the recent passing of Adam and Sabrina assures Shannon that she really did love him. Sabrina quickly changes the subject to when Shannon will be leaving.

The New Au Pair

Shannon visits Philippe and Sophie at their home after accepting the position as the family's new au pair. Shannon is introduced to Philippe's wife Dominique and their son Laurent.

Locke's Father

Locke and Helen walk with Father Chuck who inquires about Anthony Cooper's past life, however, Locke claims that he didn't really know him, and that he didn't know all the details..

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