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Daisy Ward
Name Daisy Ward
Gender Female
Country Virginia, USA
Occupation Ivy League Student
Father Mr. Ward
Mother Alicia Ward
Sibling Jason Ward
Novel(s) Secret Identity

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Daisy Ward was an English Major at a prestigious Ivy League University, who later became the love interest of Dexter Stubbs. As the two began to get to know each other, Dexter would tell Daisy these elaborate stories of his life, which unbeknownst to Daisy, were all fabricated. Daisy was completely unaware that Dexter was destitute and that his family was not of the same class as hers.

When Dexter met with her parents, he was invited to join them on an Australian vacation. While there, Daisy learned the truth about Dexter when he revealed that he did not have enough money to cover their expenses for the remainder of the trip. Ashamed and hurt by this deceit, Daisy left Dexter and never saw him again.

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