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Gallery of ImagesTheoriesMain Discussion is the official website of Dan Lapinsky aka "DJ Dan", and his radio show "DJ Dan: Shutting down the Man". DJ Dan and his host Tonya Jefferson speak periodically about The Hanso Foundation and other conspiracies that he and his listeners choose to discuss.

Podcast ArchiveEdit

The website contains a podcast archive, allowing listeners to listen to the podcast whenever they desire to do so. Below, you can choose a podcast archived below to read a transcript, or click the corresponding link to download and listen.

  1. May 16th Podcast - (Listen)
  2. May 25th Podcast - (Listen)
  3. June 1st Podcast - (Listen)
  4. June 8th Podcast - (Listen)
  5. June 14th Podcast - (Listen)
  6. June 16th Podcast - (Listen)
  7. June 21st Podcast - (Listen)
  8. June 26th Podcast - (Listen)
  9. June 30th Podcast - (Listen)
  10. July 5th Podcast - (Listen)
  11. July 10th Podcast - (Listen)
  12. August 11th Live Podcast - (Listen)
  13. September 24th Live Podcast - (Listen)

ConspiraSpy of the MonthEdit


Shark with a Dharma Logo on it

DJ Dan received a call from a listener stating that while in the great barrier reef, he had found a shark with a tattoo on it, stating that there was a word on it beginning with a "D". He sent pictures into Dan, and became the ConspiraSpy of the Month.

"We were diving off the Great Barrier Reef when we found this partially decayed shark carcass. Check out the logo on this guy...definitely not a tattoo or a brand..." -Richard P.

Eyes on the ManEdit


Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk

The Eyes on the Man section originally featured the Narvik photo of Alvar Hanso, but had been updated with three photos of Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk.

The first photo was taken from a Rachel Blake video in which she bumped into Mittelwerk after he had left a meeting. It was in this video that it was revealed Mittelwerk walks with a limp.
The other two videos are from the Hanso Foundation's website, one of them from the Life Extension Project page and the other from the Mathematical Forecasting Initiative page.
Also, highlighting at the bottom of the screen, will bring up the GZ2I glyph.

Site ContentEdit

  • Mythic Beastie Sighting: The site also has a section on the sighting of a mythic beastie, which resembles a mapinguari.
  • Merchandise: The site also has a section for merchandise, those being t-shirts for the show. However, there doesn't appear to be anyway for people to purchase the shirts. One of the shirts features the glyph 90VDHOHU.

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