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Dharma Beer
Name DHARMA Beer
Introduced In Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Last Seen In The Man Behind the Curtain
Owned By Roger Linus / The DHARMA Initiative
Found By Hurley, Sawyer and Jin

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While driving with his son, Benjamin in the van with a can of beer in his hand, Roger Linus was killed after Benjamin placed a gas mask on himself, and released a canister of a toxic substance which filled the van.

It was later found in the jungle by Hurley. After, Sawyer had returned to the camp, he questioned Hurley about what happened to his stuff, Hurley stated that Sawyer was going to help them get the van up and running. The incentive for Sawyer helping was the beer inside.

Sawyer drank the beer with Jin, and Hurley stated that the beer is older than Rocky III, and maybe even Rocky II. Sawyer later brought the remaining cans with him back to the beach and drank one while staring at the ocean.

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