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D.S. Ring
DS Ring
Name D.S. Ring
Introduced In Pilot - Part 1
Last Seen In Greatest Hits
Owned By Charlie Pace / Aaron Littleton

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The ring was once owned by Charlie's great-grandfather Dexter Stratton and passed down to the first born of the Stratton family, and was the inspiration for the name of their band "Drive Shaft".


In "Greatest Hits", while Drive Shaft is performing their second tour of Finland, Liam presents his brother, Charlie with the ring as a Christmas present. Liam explains that the ring has been passed down from Dexter Stratton, to his first-born, who then passed it on to his first-born, Megan, their mother. Megan continued the tradition and passed the heirloom to Liam as he was the first born. Liam presents the ring to Charlie because he believes Charlie has the potential to begin a family and continue the legacy. However, in the end, the opposite is true, Liam was the one who kicked his addiction, gained responsibility, and began a family; whereas Charlie still battled his addiction, and was now the danger to the legacy.

Charlie passes the ring down to Aaron Littleton on the island, and leaves it in his crib before leaving for the Looking Glass. Aaron, however, never gets the ring, since he never returns to the crib again as he is soon becomes a member of the Oceanic Six who escape from the Island, and he does not return.

The ring remains in the crib through the time-flashes, and is finally found by Sun when she returns to the beach-camp in 2007 during a pilgrimage to see Jacob. It is assumed to be in her possession when she dies in Widmore's submarine.

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