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Season 3
Episode 18
Air Date April 25, 2007
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Frederick E.O. Toye
Flashback Sun-Hwa Kwon

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After learning that women who become pregnant on the island have died, Sun accepts Juliet's offer of help, and heads to the Staff Station to determine the date of conception.


In flashbacks, we see Sun in a park with a middle-aged woman sitting next to her, who points out Sun's wedding photograph in the newspaper and inquires if that's her. Sun affirms that it is. The woman suggests that it would be embarrassing if the world were to find out that a daughter from the wealthy Paik family had married a man with a shameful past. Sun says that she knows Jin is the son of a fisherman and doesn't care; the woman retorts that he is also the son of a prostitute. The woman then demands a hundred thousand dollars in three days or else she will expose Jin's past.

Later, Sun asks her husband about his family; he tells her that his mother died when he was a child, then gives conflicting stories on when his father died. When she pushes for more information, he grows angry and asks her to drop the issue. Sun visits Jin's father without his knowledge, who confirms the woman's story. He never told Jin his mother was a prostitute, and is still alive, and pleads with Sun not to tell his son the truth.

Sun then visits her father and asks for the money. When he demands a reason, she tells him that she has never pried into his affairs, which are clearly illegal, and would like the same respect. However, she admits that the money will prevent great shame coming to someone she loves. Mr. Paik realizes she means Jin, and tells her that he will bear the debt by working for him directly, instead of as a floor manager.

Jin discovers the money in Sun's purse. She concedes she got it from her father, but claims it was just for furniture and their honeymoon. Jin says he doesn't want to be any further in her father's debt, and asks her to return it. Sun agrees, then goes directly to the park, when the woman is waiting. She gives her the money, then reveals that she knows the woman's identity: she is Jin's mother. The blackmailer callously shrugs this off and Sun threatens to have her father kill the woman if she reveals her existence to Jin.

Back on the island, Jack inquires about Sun's pregnancy in a manner that arouses her suspicions. Sun asks Kate about Jack's loyalty; Kate suggests she talk to Juliet, who reveals that pregnant women die on the island. That night, Juliet sneaks into Sun's tent and offers to help her, but only if she comes with her, alone. The pair leave for the Staff, and enter a hidden room to get an ultrasound image, so Juliet can calculate the date of conception. Juliet reveals that women who conceived off the island can survive; those that conceive on the island can't. Sun explains how her husband was sterile before coming to the island, and how she had an affair with Jae Lee before the crash. Either way, it's bad news: either she's going to die, or the baby is not her husband's. Juliet performs the ultrasound, and confirms that the conception took place some forty days after the crash. Sun sincerely thanks Juliet for the news, reassuring her that she delivered good news. Juliet asks Sun if she'll be okay waiting outside as Juliet "covers their tracks” in the medical station, then she enters the Staff alone to surreptitiously leave a message for Ben on a tape recorder, explaining her findings with Sun, and promising to get a sample from Austen (Kate). She then stops the tape and whispers, "I hate you."

Meanwhile, Desmond, Hurley, Jin and Charlie are arguing how to care for the parachutist when Hurley shoots off a flare. Mikhail Bakunin, originally thought to have died in "Par Avion", appears shortly thereafter. Jin pursues him; a brief fight ensues, which Jin wins. The other three question him, revealing that Sayid, Kate and Jack told them how he'd been supposedly killed by the sonic fence. Mikhail says he was a field medic and offers to help save the parachutist's life, if they promise to let him go. He keeps his word and they keep theirs, but Mikhail attempts to steal the satellite phone, only to be stopped yet again by Jin. After a brief argument, they allow Mikhail to leave without the phone. The parachutist regains consciousness while Hurley is watching over her. She asks him who he is; he tells her he is Hugo Reyes, from Oceanic Flight 815. She replies that's impossible: the plane was found but there were no survivors; they were all dead.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I lose either way."

- Sun

"Have you forgotten what's at stake here? This is just another one of your flashes... Who's getting an arrow in the neck this time?"

- Charlie

"Like I'd tell you."

- Hurley (after being asked about the phone)

"How could you respect me if I didn't try?"

- Mikhail

"Did you know that the average male sperm count is between 60 and 80 million? But on this island it's 5 times that. We call that good odds."

- Juliet

"I'll report back when I know more. I hate you."

- Juliet

"No, Flight 815. They... they found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead."

- Naomi

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode confirms that Sun did in fact sleep with Jae Lee, despite what she had told Jin in The Whole Truth.

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