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Name Crutches
Introduced In Exodus - Part 2
Last Seen In Three Minutes

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The crutches used by Locke after he suffered a severe leg injury at the hands of the Swan's blast door.

Need for SupportEdit

After the lockdown within the hatch, which resulted in Locke being impaled by a locking spike on one of the hatch's blast doors, Locke was left with a hairline fracture in his leg. According to Jack's best guess, Locke would have to remain off the leg for at least four weeks. Unable to accept such immobilization, Locke showed visible frustration at the diagnosis. To appease him, Jack suggested that Locke use the wheelchair available to the survivors. Remembering his past experiences with a wheelchair, Locke immediately refuses. Kate then suggested that Locke could use the crutches located back at the camp. Locke accepted this compromise, and Kate left to retrieve the crutches.

Time to HealEdit

After becoming frustrated with the hatch, Locke left the underground station to sit on the beach. While looking out onto the ocean, Locke is approached by Rose. Locke lamented the fact that he would be unable to walk under his own power for such a long period of time, and the fact that his leg would not heal for nearly a month. Rose, recalling her encounter with the wheelchair-bound Locke at the airport, tried to convey her own understanding of the island by telling Locke that they both know it will not take that long for him to regain his full strength. Locke later cuts off his makeshift splints on his legs, and leaves the crutches on the beach as he heads to the hatch.

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