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Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer
Name Countdown Timer
Introduced In Adrift
Last Seen In Live Together, Die Alone
Owned By The DHARMA Initiative

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The timer is a countdown device in the hatch which must be reset every 108 minutes.

When Desmond was brought into the hatch by Kelvin he was told that by pushing the button they were just "saving the world". Kelvin would eventually pass away, and would continue to push the button for a combined total of approx. 3 years.

After Desmond fled the station when the Station 3 Computer was damaged, Jack and Locke engaged in a stand-off in which Locke forced Jack to push the button or face whatever lied ahead if it was not pushed. Jack would eventually give in, and pushed it with only 1 second left.

While Sayid was interrogating Henry locked inside the now empty armoury, Jack attempted to halt the interrogation when Sayid began to physically assault Henry. Jack held Locke up against the wall preventing him from entering the code into the computer and pushing the button. Locke was released and with 10 seconds left on the timer, failed to correctly enter the code in time. The timer began rapidly flipping and the display turned to red and black and began stopping on various Hieroglyphics, which are believed to mean, when translated: Cause to Die. Locke eventually typed in the code, and the phenomenon stopped and the timer righted itself at 108:00. In Live Together, Die Alone, the countdown time itself was destroyed when the magnetic force pulled in inward upon itself.

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