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This article is considered canon in the world of LOST, however, exists in a fictional world within Lost. In other words, information included in this article is in reference to a fictional world, within the fictional world of LOST.

Name Corvette
Gender Female
Country Saint Paul, MN
Occupation Stripper/Crime-Fighter
Played By Nikki Fernandez

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Corvette is a stripper who solve crimes alongside Crystal and Autumn, and the club owner, Mr. LaShade. After noticing a man with a briefcase enter Mr. LaShade's office, Corvette followed to investigate, only to discover that the briefcase contained money that was meant for an orphanage, and that Mr. LaShade was actually "The Cobra". After Corvette attacks the man with the briefcase, she attempts to kill Mr. LaShade, however, she is shot three times by him. Mr. LaShade covers her death up by telling them that Corvette was working with "The Cobra".

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