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Week2 Post1

Rachel gets serious

This is a blog post that was made by Rachel Blake on her blog So Their Tomorrow Never Comes on Monday, June 26, 2006.

Blog TextEdit

My heart's still pounding. Just FIND AND WATCH THE VIDEO.

Once my head stopped spinning, I realized a couple things.

One. I'm not registered under Rachel Blake at the hotel. In fact, I've been paying cash for everything. Meaning, I was followed. And, those maps Mittelwerk was carrying? They mean something.

Two. I'm pretty sure it was that same man-in-black Mittelwerk was talking to the day I bumped him...

Bodyguard Picture

You make the call. Am I right?

Either way, that phone call he took - it was definitely from Mittelwerk. Wish I'd had the presence to take the cell phone. But whatever.

I'm lucky. Lucky I got to him before he finished whatever he was there to do. I've got all my gear. I'm still alive.

What do you guys think he was talking about: "What fire? Which Institute?" Give me your ideas in the comments box - let's figure it out.

Anyway, I'm outta here. I've got to switch hotels. Though, if I had a destination in mind, I'd be saying good-bye to Denmark altogether...


Video TranscriptEdit

Rachel Blake Post 005 Copenhagen

Guys, we’ve got a problem. Mittelwerk and his Hanso Foundation cronies are officially off the grid, running to who knows where. I mean, I guess on the one hand I should be pretty happy, maybe that little street bumping incident spooked the good Doc, he’s accelerating things, cause he knows that we’re onto him, that we’re gonna get him. On the other hand, he’s gone, and I don’t have the funds or the time to buy a ticket to the wrong city. Maybe the answer’s in the facts.

Okay, let's think. I’m in Copenhagen. I know that the #2 officer at the Hanso Foundation, Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, is investigating the Hanso family shipping history, which just happens to involve the slave trade. I also know that another officer at the Hanso Foundation, Hugh McIntyre, is having an affair with someone from the Global Welfare Consortium. Now, seeing as the GWC is supposed to keep the Hanso Foundation’s of the world on the up and up, this is sort of like the Environmental Protection Agency sleeping with Exxon. And finally, a man named Mr. Paik has built a ship for the Hanso Foundation, which could relate to Mittelwerk’s investigation of an island by the Equator.

I don’t know. I just, maybe I spooked Mittelwerk just a little bit too hard, I mean, yeah, I’ve learned a lot but I don’t know where to jump to next , I don’t even know where it all connects. I don’t even know if it connects to Hanso himself, I mean I guess maybe I should be grateful that I’m alive but alive is not giving us answers and we want answers don’t we?

(Rachel hears someone at the hotel door, and gazes through the peephole then hides in the opposite room. The same bodyguard from Copenhagen Post 05 enters and rummages around Rachel's belongings and then answers his phone).

Bodyguard: Yes? Of course I’m working. What fire? Okay, which institute? Well if you need me I’ll gladly be there when I--You hire me to fix things. It’ll be fixed. When I finish here!

(As he continues to look through the room, Rachel emerges and strikes gim with an iron. She strikes him once more, and then gathers her belongings, along with the camera, and makes her way down the hallway).

Well I guess maybe I’m onto something.


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