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This is a blog post that was made by Rachel Blake on her blog So Their Tomorrow Never Comes on Thursday, June 22, 2006.

Blog TextEdit

This just keeps getting stranger.

Know that vegan place Mittelwerk uses as a secondary office?

I took it upon myself to slip a little something special in the pepper-shaker... and then, with my telephoto lens, I picked up a Korean man sitting down to tofu and noodles with Mittelwerk.

To ensure this reaches you, I've hidden a RECORDING of their conversation somewhere on the web...

rblake 105years

1st UpdateEdit

17.01: Yes, Mittelwerk speaks Korean. But I don't.

The only thing I picked up was a name, "Paik." Which is pretty much the Korean "Jones." Whoever they're talking about... it could be like a million different people. Anyway, I leave it to you guys. Time to test those translation skills.

Keep the comments coming. Let's figure this out.

2nd UpdateEdit

19.59: Well, we've had some good translations and some that don't add up at all. Anyway, the consensus seems to be that this translation is the best (from Kwon-Yong Su: but thanks also to mochi + ari, h, pilferk, gohan, winged_eel):

MITTELWERK: Minsu, so great to see you.
MINSU: Dr. Mittelwerk. Good to see you too. Mr. Paik sends his warmest regards.
MITTELWERK: He's just saying that because we've paid him so much money.
MINSU: Ah. I see that it's straight to business.
MITTELWERK: As always.
MINSU: I think you'll be pleased to hear your ship is almost ready; with all the modifications. But I have to warn you - this kind of ship can't dock just anywhere.
MITTELWERK: We have a port. How long will it be?
MINSU: I'd say no sooner than three weeks.
MITTELWERK: Could you pass the pepper? So what will it take to make it 2 weeks?

But once again, I'm thrown. None of this is leading where I thought. And, the only Hanso we've seen mentioned is probably Alvar's frickin' grandpa!

So this ship... the vessel The Hanso Foundation commissioned this Mr. Paik to build. What do we think that's for?

Be honest with me, guys. Are we getting anywhere?

Here's hoping tomorrow brings less questions and more answers.

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