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Claire's Diary
Name Claire's Diary
Introduced In Raised By Another
Owned By Claire Littleton

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Claire's private journal in which she wrote her inner most feelings into. After Claire was kidnapped by Ethan, Charlie sought out Claire's diary hoping to find some information inside. However, it was in the possession of Sawyer who stated that he enjoyed reading it as good literature was scarce. He later revealed that he didn't actually read it.

After finally deciding to actually read it, Charlie reads a passage which mentions a dream that Claire had: "I had that weird dream again. The one with the black rock I can't get away from. I try to leave it, but it won't let me." Charlie confronts Jack and Sayid about this making a connection to The Black Rock which was referenced on Rousseau's map.

When Claire returns to camp, Charlie returns the diary to her hoping that it would help her regain some of her memory.

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