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Christiane I
Name Christiane I
Mentioned In Find 815

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The Christiane I is a salvage vessel currently docked in Jakarta as part of the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game.


Sam Thomas had received an e-mail from a mysterious contact who is possibly connected to The Maxwell Group, and in this e-mail contained a photograph of Sam' partner, Sonya. Embedded within the picture, were several hidden messages, one of which was the words "Christiane I".

Sam contacted Tracey R in the hopes of gathering more information about the mysterious ship.

"Hi Tracey,

I need a favour: I'm looking for some information about a boat called "Christiane I". I can't say what this is for - sorry - just that it's very important.

Thanks, you're a lifesaver.


Tracey responded by saying that the ship was set to leave on an expedition in a few days but she couldn't find out where to, as the details are confidential.


Aren't you the mysterious one?

Anyway, I've tracked down the "Christiane I" - it's a salvage vessel currently docked in Jakarta. Apparently it's due to leave on an expedition in a few days but I couldn't find out where to - the details are confidential.

What's the story? Are you looking for a new job now you've left Oceanic? Nice work if you could tee something up for yourself in Indonesia. Look out Bali,

Take care


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