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Charlotte Malkin
Name Charlotte Malkin
Gender Female
Country Australia
Occupation Unknown
Father Richard Malkin
Mother Joyce Malkin
Episode(s) ?
Played By Brooke Mikey Anderson

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Charlotte Malkin was the daughter of Richard and Joyce Malkin. Charlotte was pronounced dead after drowning, and was then declared alive by Dr. Ian McVay during her autopsy. When Charlotte's mother believed this to be a miracle, she contacted the monsignor at the church and met with Mr. Eko and explained the situation to him.

When Eko arrived at the Malkin home to meet with Charlotte, Eko was informed by Richard that what had occurred was not a miracle but in fact just Dr. McVay covering up his own malpractice.

While at the Sydney Airport, Eko was greeted by Charlotte, who informed him that when she was "between places", she saw a vision of Eko's brother Yemi who told her to tell Eko that even though he was pretending, he was a good priest and that he would see him soon.

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