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Charlie's Guitar
Name Charlie's Guitar
Introduced In House of the Rising Sun
Owned By Charlie Pace
Found By John Locke

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Charlie was the former bass player for the legendary rock band Drive Shaft and wrote some of their songs on this guitar. After the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, Charlie had come to suspect that he had lost his guitar. It was not until Locke confronted Charlie about his heroin addiction, and told him that the island might just give him what he wants, but first he'd have to give it something. Charlie gives his remaining heroin to Locke and is told to look up, upon doing so, Charlie sees his guitar case resting on a hill up top.

Charlie has played the guitar on many occasions, some of the more memorable were when Charlie wrote "Monster eats the Pilot" for Claire, and when Eko inquired about how the hatch was originally entered, and Charlie jokingly stated that if he hummed it he could probably play "how they got the hatch door open".

In The Incident, Hurley encounters Jacob in possession of a guitar; it is implied that the guitar was Charlie's.

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