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Carmen Reyes
Name Carmen Reyes
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Unknown
Father Tito Reyes
Spouse David Reyes
Child Hugo Reyes, Diego Reyes
Episode(s) Numbers, Everybody Hates Hugo, Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, There's No Place Like Home - Part 1
Played By Lillian Hurst

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Carmen Reyes was the mother of Hugo and Diego Reyes and the daughter of Tito Reyes. Carmen most likely envisioned Hugo’s life ending up much differently than it did, and she would often comment to him about changing his life and finding a nice woman. When her son won the lottery, reporters arrive to interview the family; in the excitement of it all, her father suffers a heart attack.

At the funeral, the priest who was conducting the service was struck by lightning. When her son Diego broke up with his wife, Diego moved back home. Due to all of these events, Hugo begins to suspect that his money has brought a curse upon them, Carmen quickly abolishes his theory reminding him that they are Catholic and do not believe in curses.

While driving with her son Hugo to her newly purchased house, Hugo blindfolds his mother in order to maintain the surprise, however; while exiting the vehicle she breaks her ankle on the curb of the street. As she addresses her painful injury, she informs Hugo that she smells smoke, as the house engulfs in flames Hugo calls for the Fire Department, the LAPD quickly arrive and arrest Hugo for being a suspected drug dealer.

After leaving 17 years previous, Carmen's husband David returned after she had called to inform him that Hurley had won the lottery. He returned to help Hurley rid himself of his curse, at the insistence of Carmen. When Hurley stated that he wanted David to leave, Carmen refused stating that it had been 17 years, when Hurley inquired about the 17 years, Carmen pressed the ears of her gold Jesus statue and simply stated "I have needs". She and David spent that night together.

Reuniting with sonEdit

Carmen Reyes was one of the relatives of the survivors of Oceanic 815 and she was invited to Honolulu to see her son, Hugo Reyes. That day she also becаme acquainted with Sayid Jarrah, a friend of her son.

Later she organized a Birthday party for Hurley, havind decorated the whole house like a tropical island.

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