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Carlyle Wedding Co.
Sabrina Carlyle
Name Carlyle Wedding Co.
Country Malibu, California
Introduced In All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Type Wedding Planners

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A Wedding Planning company based in Malibu, California, Sabrina Carlyle has been described as the "Martha Stewart of Matrimony". Sabrina runs a very large chain of wedding planners, and later offered her son Boone the position of Chief Operating Officer of one of the Clothing Subsidiaries.

Sabrina & BooneEdit

After the death of Sabrina's husband Adam, Sabrina's step-daughter Shannon questioned Sabrina as to when she would receive her inheritance from her father's will, only to be notified that there was no will, and that she would receive no money. Shannon at the time needed money to get started up in New York where she received an internship to the Martha Graham Dance Company. Sabrina, knowing Shannon would ask her brother Boone if she could stay with him, offered Boone a job as Chief Operating Officer of one of the Clothing Subsidiaries to help influence him into moving back to Malibu, thus leaving Shannon on her own.


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