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Name Bonnie
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation One of "The Others"
Episode(s) Greatest Hits, Through the Looking Glass
Played By Tracy Middendorf

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Bonnie was one of The Others", and an occupant of the DHARMA Initiative's Looking Glass Station. When Charlie swam up through the submarine port, ecstatic that he had not drowned, Bonnie and her fellow occupant Greta entered the room with a handgun pointed directly at Charlie in a hostile manner. (Greatest Hits)

After Charlie swims into the station, Bonnie is abusive and rough toward him. She is also shown to be easily frustrated, screaming at Charlie for singing constantly and often arguing with Greta and Mikhail. On Ben's orders, Mikhail shoots Bonnie, but she lives long enough to tell Charlie the code to deactivate the jamming device that blocked all transmissions, as a final act of defiance against the man she trusted, Benjamin Linus. (Through the Looking Glass)

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