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This article is about a scene which is considered Non-Canon in the world
of LOST, and is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

At the Airport: Claire
Name At the Airport: Claire
Episode Exodus - Part 1
Characters Claire Littleton, Seth Norris


Claire speaks with Seth Norris, the pilot of Flight 815, about her visit with a psychic, and Seth informs her that his mother visited a tarot reader, and he informs her of the pitfalls of that particular reading.

Background InformationEdit


  • [Claire at an airport coffee shop table. She is fumbling to get the lid off her drink. It finally pops off and falls to the ground as a man turns around and smiles at her.]
  • MAN: Hey, don’t be nervous. I see pregnant women on the plane all the time. Nothing to it. Where ya headed?
  • CLAIRE: Uh, Los Angles.
  • MAN: Oh, yeah? Oceanic 815?
  • [Claire nods.]
  • SETH: That’s my plane, you’re in luck. I’ll make the ride extra smooth for you, how’s that?
  • [They both smile.]
  • CLAIRE: Okay.
  • SETH: You flying alone?
  • [no response]
  • SETH: Sorry. I crossed the line. You know what, have a great flight.
  • [He hurriedly walks away.]
  • CLAIRE: I’m, uh. I’m giving my baby away and the parents are in Los Angeles.
  • SETH: You couldn’t find anyone closer?
  • CLAIRE: It’s a little embarrassing actually. I - I met a psychic - [pilot comes closer and stands by her table] - and I know it sound’s insane, but he knew things that he could have possibly known. And when I told him I was gonna give the baby up…
  • SETH: Yeah?
  • CLAIRE: First, he tells me I have to raise it myself. And then, I don’t know, he just changes his mind and he says there’s this couple in L.A. and that they, they’re the only one’s I can give it to.
  • SETH: Or else, what?
  • CLAIRE: I don’t know. That bad things would happen. Bad… [starts to cry]
  • [Seth hands her a napkin.]
  • CLAIRE: Thanks.
  • SETH: Sure.
  • CLAIRE: You know I’m completely hormonal.
  • [Seth laughs.]
  • CLAIRE: You must think I’m a real nut.
  • [He sits down across from her.]
  • SETH: Uh, look: My mom and dad split up when I was ten. My mom got really depressed so she went to see this tarot lady that all her Yenta friends swore by. She pays tarot lady four hundred dollars and tarot lady tells her that she’s going to marry this tall, light-haired man of healing with a name that started with the letter R. Mom was pulling for Roger.
  • CLAIRE: What happened?
  • SETH: Well, she dumped her boyfriend Bernard, computer programmer, short, bad comb over. And then, Bernard sold his company for 39 million dollars. [Claire scoffs] Mom’s still waiting for Roger to show up. Psychics are just magicians who aren’t good enough to play Vegas. And it make not feel like it, but you always have a choice.
  • CLAIRE: Thanks.
  • SETH [nods]: Very welcome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a plane to get ready. I promised a slightly crazy woman I’d make the ride extra smooth.
  • [They both smile.]
  • CLAIRE: Goodbye.
  • SETH: Bye.
  • [As he walks away he turns back and grins at Claire as she smiles and waves to him.]

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