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Arzt & Crafts
Missing Pieces - Arzt and Crafts
Season Missing Pieces
Episode 7
Air Date December 17, 2007 (Verizon)
December 24, 2007 (
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Leslie Arzt

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Dr. Arzt confronts his fellow survivors for their decisions on whether or not they will be moving to the caves.


While sorting clothes, Jin and Sun discussed whether or not Boone and Shannon were lovers or siblings. Sun was confident of the latter because of her ability to speak English, however, Jin had yet to discover this. Arzt approached, and inquired as to whether or not Jin and Sun would be moving to the caves with Jack, Locke and Kate, and is then informed by Hurley that they do no speak English.

Hurley alluded to moving to the caves as being a moderately good idea, and Arzt countered his claim by informing him that the caves are abundant with moisture, and that moisture breeds bacteria, and attracts insects that would lay eggs in their mouths while they slept. Hurley then commented that he believes if Jack said it's a good idea, that they should trust him. Arzt states that Jack being a doctor does not qualify him for leadership, and that urinating in the jungle, Arzt spotted Jack running through the jungle, crying for his father. Arzt made a final shout towards the survivors, scolding them for moving to the caves. Suddenly, "the Monster" is heard in the distance, and Arzt stated that he will see them at the caves.

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"The other day I’m in the jungle, and I’m taking a leak, and Jack runs through the jungle, crying for his Daddy."

- Arzt

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