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Armand Zander
Name Armand Zander
Gender Male
Country Vik, Iceland
Occupation Director of the Vik Institute
Appears In The Lost Experience

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Dr. Armand Zander M.D., Ph.D, is the director of a mental research facility run by the Hanso Foundation as part of the ongoing Mental Health Appeal project, and is known as the Vik Institute which is located in Vik, Iceland.


After being uninformed about a program being implemented in the third basement of the Vik Institute in which autistic savants were used as an experiment to run an equation, Armand wrote to Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk of the Hanso Foundation and stated that was what being conducted was absurd and offensive. Armand demanded a full accounting of the activities taking place, and if Mittelwerk refused, Zander threatened to tender his resignation. (Copenhagen Post 01)

After a fire was set at the Vik Institute, a newspaper article was printed in which Armand commented that what happenned to Vigi Benoffski was a horrible tragedy. (

Zander met with Rachel Blake in Vik, unaware he was being filmed, to discuss what exactly was happening in the third basement. Rachel possessed a copy of the letter Zander wrote to Mittelwerk, which is what complied him to cooperate. Zander explains that the basement is full of mathematicians and autistic savants, running an equation which resembled Egyptian hieroglyphics. (Iceland Post 01)

Zander was later reported to be missing, as Rachel was unable to communicate with him as if he never existed. It was later suspected that Zander set the fire at the Vik Institute. (Iceland Post 03)

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