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The information in this article was revealed through
Find 815
  Companies -   Oceanic AirlinesThe Maxwell GroupAustral Air

    Websites -

  Locations -  
Sunda TrenchThe Black Rock
  Contact -  
Introduced In Find 815
Revealed January 17, 2008

Gallery of ImagesTheoriesMain Discussion is a website revealed through the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game, which Sam visits in order to search for the term "Maxwell". It yields several results, one of which linking to a page on James Clerk Maxwell, naming him a "pioneer of electromagnetism".


The following are search results that the page displays when the term "Maxwell" is input:

1. Maxwell, Iowa
Profiles housing, demographics, jobs and climate. Hospitals, schools, airports.

2. James Clerk Maxwell
(13 June 1831 - 5 November 1879), pioneer of electromagnetism...

3. Maxwell Spanners
For all you spanner needs...

4. Sir John Maxwell (1859-1929)
British general during World War I...

5. Maxwell Field
US air force base...

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