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Many episodes of LOST have references to the next life, or another life after death.

The Next LifeEdit

Nadia and SayidEdit

AnotherLife - Nadia

"You'll find me in the next life..."

When Sayid was in the Republican Guard he was chosen to interrogate Nadia, who was a childhood friend of his. Sayid did not harm her to get the information needed, because he could not. He slowly fell in love with Nadia over the period of time they spent together. However, Sayid was told by his superior officer, Omar, that he was to execute her.

Sayid thought up a plan to free Nadia which involved her escaping on a nearby truck, however, was caught in the act. When Omar called for a guard, Sayid fired upon him, killing him. Sayid then shot himself to make it seem as though Nadia had stolen his gun and escaped. Nadia took a photograph of herself, and wrote: "You'll find me in the next life, if not in this one" on the back.

Another LifeEdit

Jack and DesmondEdit

AnotherLife - JackDesmond

Jack and Desmond at the stadium

While running a "tour de stade" to take his mind off of Sarah's recently completed surgery, Jack twisted his ankle and was aided by a man named Desmond who was doing the same. The two began to chat and Jack learned that Desmond was preparing for a solo race around the world. Jack explained to Desmond that he had failed at fixing Sarah, however, Desmond was more optimistic in raising the question of "What if you did fix her", as he had a belief in miracles which Jack did not. As he left Jack, he said "See you in another life, yeah?"

Jack and Desmond would eventually reunite on the island after gaining access to the Hatch. When the computer inside was destroyed, Desmond fled the station and was pursued by Jack. As Jack pointed his gun towards Desmond asking him why he was running, Desmond recalled their night at the stadium. As Desmond prepared to leave, he once again said "See you in another life, yeah?"

Hurley and DaveEdit

AnotherLife - Dave

Dave leaps from the cliff

{C}Hurley had an imaginary friend while inside the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute named Dave. On the island, when the supply drop of food was discovered directly after Hurley and Libby destroyed the stash of food, Hurley spotted Dave and pursued him through the jungle. Hurley and Dave would later have a face-to-face chat about how everything around Hurley was all being made up inside his head. Dave lured Hurley to the edge of a cliff and said that if he jumped off the cliff that it would tell his mind that he doesn't believe anything that is happening, and that he's make up. Dave then turned to Hurley and said "See you in another life, Hurley" and jumped off the cliff.

Locke and DesmondEdit

AnotherLife - LockeDesmond

Desmond says farewell to "blow the dam"

{C}Desmond returns to the island in his boat, the Elizabeth, and Locke tells him of the orientation film he saw in the Pearl hatch. Together they trigger another lockdown and wait for the countdown to hit zero, sure that nothing will happen.

As the countdown reaches zero, Desmond realizes that the date of the prior "system failure" was the same day as the plane crash, September 22, 2004. Desmond believes that this magnetic field is what pulled down Oceanic flight 815, and that his failure to press the button is the same as the date of the plane crash. He is insistent that the button must be pressed, but Locke angrily reacts by destroying the computer. Desmond retrieves a key that Kelvin had shown him could "end it all." As he goes below the floor to use the key to "blow the dam," Desmond says to Locke, "See you in another life, brother."

The Other SideEdit

Jack and SayidEdit

Before Jack follows Richard under the river, he tells Sayid , "If I don't see you the other side, I won't blame you."

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