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Various animals that have appeared throughout LOST. There have been a number of instances in which the survivors encounter animals that are either not native to the island or have special attributes. Browse to a corresponding page for a more comprehensive explanation on that animal's role in the lives of the survivors, and it's role in LOST.


A Yellow Labrador Retriever that was traveling aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after moving to the United States with Walt and Michael.

Bpo Bpo

Bpo Bpo was a Shar-Pei puppy that was presented to Sun as a gift from Jin when they were living in Korea.

Polar Bears

Three known Polar Bears are inhabitants of the island, one was shot and killed by Sawyer, another stabbed by Michael, and the third burnt by Locke.


The boars are inhabitants of the island and were previously hunted by Locke. One particular boar was also suspected of harassing Sawyer.


While searching for the caves; Charlie, Locke, Jack and Kate stumble upon a beehive which is split by Charlie, sending them running for their lives when the bees emerge.

A Moth

Moths are inhabitants of the island, and were an inspiration for Charlie when he was attempting to kick his heroin addiction.

Giant Bird
The Giant Bird

This bird appeared before Jack, Kate, Locke, and Hurley while they were traveling through "The Dark Territory". The same bird makes an appearance again when Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer and Michael were heading towards the The Others Village.

The Shark

The shark which terrorized Michael and Sawyer while they were adrift at sea after their attack from "The Others".


The chicken which was caught by the Tail Section survivors on Day 7 and cooked and then passed among the camp for a meal.

The Black Horse
The Black Horse

The Black Horse appeared to Kate mysteriously in the jungle, and then once more while in the presence of Sawyer.

Vision - Charlie

Doves are present on the island in visions as well as in real life. One appears to Charlie in a vision, and the other appears to fly near the Other's village after the crash.

Tree Frog
The Tree Frog

Was an annoying tree frog that pestered Sawyer and caused him to have trouble sleeping.

The Bunny

Ben Linus used a bunny in his con on Sawyer to make him believe his heart would explode due to a pacemaker.

Amira's Cat

This was the cat that Amira rescued and adopted as her own. The cat will often scratch her, and Amira forgives him because she knows what it's like not to feel safe.

Mikhail's Cat

Mikhail's cat Nadia, stayed with him inside the Flame Station, and safely escaped after the station was detonated.


Cattle were present outside of the Flame Station and appear to be used for a source of food.

The Other's Horse

This was the horse that Bea Klugh used to travel to the Flame Station on after the electromagnetic anomaly knocked out communication with the station.


The gulls appeared on the island and were apparently migratory birds which would eventually make their way toward the Australia and New Zealand region.

Medusa Spiders

The Medusa spider is a very dangerous spider on the island, with venom strong enough to paralyze a human for eight hours.