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Angelo Busoni
Name Angelo Busoni
Gender Male
Country Italy
Occupation Unknown
Child Gabriela Busoni
Episode(s) The Hunting Party
Played By Ronald Guttman

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Angelo was the father of Gabriela Busoni and had traveled with her to St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles in the hopes of being cured by a doctor named Jack Shephard who was apparently a “miracle worker”. Angelo suffered from a tumour that was situated strangely on his spine and was told by Christian Shephard that he was not a candidate for surgery as its removal was impossible. Upon hearing this, Angelo informed Christian that he had not come to be cured by him, but rather Jack. Jack eventually agreed to proceed with the operation, and Angelo would be administered a series of tests, and would be admitted for surgery weeks later.

Angelo passed away after complications occurred during the surgery, Angelo’s heart gave out while he was on the operating table.

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