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Name Amira
Gender Female
Country Paris, France
Occupation Restaurateur
Spouse Sami
Episode(s) Enter 77
Played By Anne Bedian

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Amira was the spouse of Sami and was previously interrogated by Sayid Jarrah of the Republican Guard. She was held for three months after being accused of harboring an enemy of the state. She eventually confessed for this crime, however, it is presented that she did not actually commit it.

While she was living in Paris, France with Sami, she spotted Sayid working in a restaurant and pointed him out to Sami, positive he was the man who tortured her years previous. Sami visited the restaurant where Sayid worked and offered him a job at his restaurant as a ruse to capture him as revenge for what he did to Amira then sami held him in a room and started torture sayid (سعيد جراح) .

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