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Name Achara
Gender Female
Country Phuket, Thailand
Occupation Tattoo Artist
Sibling Chet
Episode(s) Stranger in a Strange Land
Played By Bai Ling

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While on a beach in Phuket, Thailand, Achara spotted Jack attempting to fly a kite. She assisted him and the two successfully managed to get it going. The two later proceeded to have dinner together, it was there that Jack met Achara's brother Chet, who appeared to take a liking to Jack. Achara was then given an envelope full of money by an unknown man, and she stated that she had "a gift".

Jack followed Achara to her tattoo parlor, and didn't understand why she had hid this from him. She states that she is not a tattoo artist, but rather someone who can see exactly who someone is and then marks them. When Jack asks her if she can tell who he is, she says that he is a leader, a great man, but that makes him lonely and frightened and angry. When Jack asks to be marked, Achara refuses stating that there will be consequences and that it goes against her people. However, this doesn't faze Jack and she proceeds with the markings.

After she places the markings on him, Jack is severely beaten at the hands of Chet and his men, Achara is present for this beating and cries at what she had witnessed.

Her gift was that she would mark a man who was one of her people, an outsider was not allowed.

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