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The Number 8 is one of the six "Numbers" (4 8 15 17 20 44). The number 8 has appeared in the following places. Furthermore, it is considered Hurley's number, since it is the number assigned to him by Jacob in his search for a successor.


# of months Claire was pregnant when they crashed.
# of kilometers the hitman tells Jin to drive.
# of people that die in Hurley’s shoe factory fire.
# of whiskey shots between Sawyer and Christian Shephard.
# of hours Kate would spend in the woods with her father tracking deer.
# of years since Michael got hit by a car.
# of years Michael’s been writing Walt.
# of months Locke and Helen have been talking.
# of days since Charlie went without his guitar.
# of weeks Driveshaft was going on tour.
# of days after the crash Jack & the other survivors moved to the caves.
# of years Michael worked in construction.
# of months since farmer’s wife died when he met Kate.
# of years since Kate was arrested (According to mug shot, assuming the flight was in 2004.)
# of times Jin punched the guy he was “giving the message” to for Sun’s father.
# of beers Jack’s best man says he should have before giving the speech.
# of people kneeling in the second row of the Mosque.
# of the aisle the regulation footballs are in.
# of months after that accident Sarah was supposed to have the wedding.
# of hours Aaron was awake for.
# of stories that Locke fell when he broke his back.
# of years from the time Desmond saw Penny at her new apartment to when he called her on Christmas Eve from the boat (The Constant episode)
  • Sawyer’s age when his dad killed himself and his wife.
  • Shannon’s age when her dad married Boone’s mom.
  • News station at Hurley’s lotto interview was Channel 8.
  • Walt born in August.
  • Claire was missing for 8 days since Ethan took her.
  • Charlie’s shoe size.
  • The car magazine description Sawyer reads says the car has a V8 engine.
  • The old guy’s hat in the airport (Who Hurley buys the scooter from) has an 8 on his hat.
  • Drawn on the wall in the hatch.
  • On some equipment in Sarah’s hospital room.
  • The symbol all over the hatch is an octagon (8 sides).
  • The deck that collapsed while Hurley was standing on it was built for 8 people, according to Dr. Brooks.
  • Number on the white rabbit in Hydra lab.
  • Sun had conceived 8 weeks previous to Juliet doing tests on her.
# of hits Juliet had to hit the bomb in the hole in The Incident, before it worked.
  • Number next to Hurley's name on the ceiling on which Jacob had listed his candidates for succession.

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