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The Number 4 is one of the six "Numbers" (4 8 15 16 21 44). The number 4 has appeared in the following places. Furthermore, it is considered Locke's number, in the sense that Locke was assigned the number 4 by Jacob in his search for a successor, as revealed in The Substitute.


  1. of years Locke was in his wheelchair.
  1. of guns in the Marshal’s case.
  1. of Aces of Boone’s shirt.
  1. of circles in Oceanic “O”.
  1. of years since Hurley’s grandfather got his pacemaker.
  1. of years since Sam Toomey killed himself.
  1. of years since Sawyer made his “birthday wish”.
  1. of people that will fit on Michael’s raft.
  1. of months Michelangelo stared at marble “working in Locke’s story.
  1. of months Boone asks if they’re going to stare at the hatch.
  1. of miles due west back to the camp from where Locke ties Boone up.
  1. of people Michael needed to help dig Jack out of the cave-in.
  1. of refills of Shannon’s inhaler Boone brought with him.
  1. of days that pass before Jack decides to burn the Fuselage & bodies for a signal.
  1. of kids the Nurse taking care of Michael has.
  1. of traps Locke sets up around camp to get Ethan.
  1. of times Hurley says Charlie shot Ethan.
  1. of months the psychic tried to convince Claire to raise her baby alone before giving her money and telling her of the couple in L.A.
  1. of planes on the mobile in Claire’s dream.
  1. of dotted dice in a backgammon game.
  1. of weeks ago Locke says he wouldn’t have believed his crazy talk either (While talking to Boone).
  1. of times Boone repeats “Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs”.
  1. of times Locke bangs on his car roof in Deus Ex Machina
  1. of shots that are fired by the Male Bank Robbers in Whatever the Case May Be.
  1. of times Locke bangs on the roof of the hatch before it lights up.
  1. of people Charlie asked about their blood type.
  1. of bottles of water Hurley filled for his hike to see Danielle.
  1. of times Jin hits the raft with the axe before running off to help Kate.
  1. of letters Michaels flips through when handed the box of letters by Walt’s nanny.
  1. of stars in the DC logo on Walt’s comic book.
  1. of times Shannon touches/brushes Boone’s hair before the camera cuts to Sayid and he goes over to console her.
  1. of months Dr. Arzt says is the next time they can launch the raft.
  1. of people present at the Hatch’s opening.
  1. of people at the Black Smoke.
  1. of Others in the boat.
  1. of times Desmond calls Jack “brother” at the stadium.
  1. of days Nathan was in the hole before he was let out.
  1. of weeks since Ana and her shrink met.
  1. of times Ana was shot.
  1. of times Ana pounds a tick into the ground before talking to Eko.
  • Jack plays the key B4 on the piano.
  • Shannon asked Boone was him and Locke have been doing in the jungle for the past 4 days.
  • Sayid says the French signal could be a SAT 4.
  • Leonard was playing the game Connect Four.
  • Walt says he need 4-3 in the backgammon game.
  • Sayid’s friend stole and was using C4 for the suicide bombing.
  • The car magazine description says the car has a 4.4 litre power plant under the hood.
  • The car magazine description Sawyer reads says the car has 400 Horsepower.
  • After the explanation of the button they look at the time, which turns to 4.
  • The beeping starts 4 minutes before the countdown ends.
  • Sun lost her wedding ring 4 days after the raft left.
  1. people Bernard left when he was working on the S.O.S.
  • Amount of $ Libby paid for Desmond's coffee
  1. on Jack's wife shirt the night before they got married (44)
  1. of shopping carts being towed by the shop assistant in the parking lot in Deus Ex Machina
  • Number next to Locke's name on the ceiling of the cave in which Jacob had listed his candidates for succession.

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